Course Work, EDTC300

It’s In The Can! EDTC 300 – Summary of Learning

Whew! Well, that was a bit of gong show!


It finally happened to me. I have been on the receiving of this line, dozens of times, but now I had to use it…

The computer ate my homework!

Yet another example of how becoming a student has made me that much more empathetic to my students! Two hours before I had to submit my “Summary of Learning” for my EDTC300 course, POOF! It was gone. I don’t know if it was pilot error (probably) but it sure gave me a chance to exercise having a “growth mindset”!

But now it’s done (again), so you can have a peek at it here.

I put my summary together using “Spark Video” which is a tool I’d recommend. It was fairly straightforward and didn’t take oodles of time to learn. I’m looking forward to getting students to try it out; I think they’ll enjoy the variety it offers! (If I have to watch another Powerpoint…)

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’d love your feedback!

As always,

Keep learning,








1 thought on “It’s In The Can! EDTC 300 – Summary of Learning”

  1. This was a phenomenal resource to use for your summary of learning. What an entertaining product you have created! Thank you so much for sharing. Out of the all of the learning you have accomplished and gathered this semester, what would you say was the biggest challenge?

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