EDTC300, Learning Project

Coming Home To My Body

Have you ever started something because you know there is value in it and then become pleasantly surprised when you actually start craving it?

That’s what drinking water has become for me. It’s my one healthy habit. At least it used to be my one and only. Now I think I may be developing another one!



Yup. It happened. I actually craved doing yoga. I know, I’m surprised too! Let me explain.

Yesterday I was at low ebb. I had no spark. My brain was mushy and tired and a little sad. And in the midst of it, a little, wee, niggle of a thought whispered into my soul, “you could do some yoga.” At the time, I was sitting in one of our classrooms after school, unsuccessfully trying to get some classwork done. But, in response to that thought, I stopped, opened up a session of Curvy Yoga, turned off the lights, and did 15 min. of yoga. OH YES! I DID!

via GYPHY (Kid President is everything!)

My observations? It helped. It shifted something in me. Nothing mind blowing or crazy big, but I felt less at odds with myself. A little more settled. It was another confirmation for me of the fact that, for much of my life, my body and I have not been on the same page. Rather than being intimately connected, we’re merely acquaintances who give each other barely the time of day. And so, it’s encouraging for me that in a small way I experienced that tug to do yoga and I responded to it. In essence, I acknowledged my body and welcomed it into the process of me dealing with my “low ebb”. It’s a beginning, at least, to becoming more connected and healthier.

Not only do I think this is super important for me personally, but also, you guessed it, for my students. Gaining understanding about my own sense of disconnectedness and how to “come home” to my body makes me aware that many of the kids I spend time with struggle with the same thing and will benefit from empathy and guidance. I love that as an educator I have the opportunity to teach beyond “reading, writing, and arithmetic” to mindfulness, self regulation, and growth mindset (to name a few) in order to support students in their growth.

This learning project has been a great opportunity for me. Seriously, it’s something I’d encourage anyone who feels stuck in a rut, to embark on. Pick something to learn, give yourself a timeline, and reflect on what you experience in the process. How do you choose to learn? How do you handle frustration? or setbacks? Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? Do you embrace the process or find yourself eager to just get it done? Your reflections will give you such insight about yourself and fodder for continued growth! Because, as usual, I want us all to,

Keep learning,





2 thoughts on “Coming Home To My Body”

  1. Great post Dianna! I love yoga, and also partake in it when I begin feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I started this habit at a young age as my (very much older cousin) became a yoga instructor. I hope you keep on with yoga as it’s such a great refresher. 😊

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