EDTC300, Learning Project

Proof Of Yoga-ing

It’s true, I’m still yoga-ing!

yo-ga-ing – (verb) – to do yoga in an amateur but delightful manner

Now the challenge is how I capture myself in the act and document it for ya’ll, because I’m not willing to take photos of myself in compromising positions, in my pajamas! So instead…


…here’s what it looks like each morning before I head off to work. I play my Curvy Yoga (my 14 year old mistakenly called it “Chunky Yoga” 😂) on my iPad, with the lights dim and get all bendy and yoga-ie…

yoga-ie – (adv) – having the appearance of yoga-ing

…while my family still snoozes. Sweet quiet and alone time. Remember, I’m a newbie, so forgive the presence of coffee. This is my reality. If I’m going to drag my butt out of bed early to do yoga, I need my coffee, even if just for moral support. I promise I do drink water as well, but that comes after those first few, life-infused sips of the java. I would make a good Coffee Evangelist, I dare say.



My yoga routine is such a small act at this point. I’m deliberately keeping the sessions short and sweet to combat my tendency to take on more than I can realistically incorporate into my life. I’d rather experience consistent small successes that I can build on, than make big goals that I have to abandon and feel disappointed about. (Note to self – remember that when planning for students, I need to scaffold the learning in such a way that students consistently feel success and remain motivated moving forward.)

I have to say that I am enjoying my learning project more than I expected. Although I have chronically struggled with a sense of disconnection with my body, I’m getting brief, shadowy glimpses of what feeling connected is like and am starting to see how valuable this can be for me in many areas.

I’m curious. Have you ever felt disconnected from your physical body? How does or did that look in your life? If you’re someone who has worked through this, what helped you to begin to feel at home in your body?

Have a great day all and

Keep learning,



4 thoughts on “Proof Of Yoga-ing”

  1. Dianna, I enjoyed reading your post. Good for you for getting up early to get your daily yoga in. I really like when you said, “I’d rather experience consistent small successes that I can build on, than make big goals that I have to abandon and feel disappointed about.” This is something I have always known however, recently have just actually put into practice. You need to do what works for you in order to make it a consistent pattern in you life! I look forward to becoming a yogi with you!

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  2. Dianna, as someone who uses yoga as a way to practice mindfulness and as a way to feel connected to myself, I am so excited for you to begin to see and feel yourself become more grounded and centred. I have found that I love restorative yoga in the evenings or early in the morning as a way to calmly enter or end my day. Here is a link to one of my favourite! Note: It is very easy to fall asleep during this! I have more then once, so you might need more of your coffee!


  3. This is a super cute blog post Dianna! Are you a coffee mug collector too? I’m building my collection this year and I have so many cute ones that I swear make getting up and drinking coffee more fun! One of my favorites is a heat changing mug that turns into a scene of the Yukon when i pour something hot inside.
    Also, on the topic of yoga, I read something yesterday that using “childs pose” really helps to calm anxiety. I think in my next practicum I will have my students try this pose while we do our mind up exercise!


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