EDTC300, Learning Project

Well, that wasn’t so bad…

Well. I did it. My first yoga session. It was ridiculously short, but then I’m ridiculously out of shape, so that makes sense. I’m also at working late at the school this evening (yes, on a Friday) so I did my session right here in the staffroom. And yes, I think I probably looked ridiculous.



I’ve been avoiding getting started. I sleep past my alarm in the morning and lack motivation after school BUT a learning project is a learning project and so I bit the yoga bullet and GOT IT DONE. I’m in the process of collecting mantras for this new phase of my life and one of them is


So my mantra may not sound very “peace, love, joy”. Sue me. “Get ‘r done” is what I need to tell myself to get through some of the new challenges I’m navigating. I’ll give you a few examples…

Write a Persuasive Essay for your English course 

No Mantra Me says – “but I’m intimidated and haven’t written a paper for a prof for 20+ years and what if I completely suck!?!”

Do Yoga for your learning project

No Mantra Me says – “but I’m really out of shape and I have stupid arthritis and I’m tired and I don’t want to”

Pursue your teaching degree

No Mantra Me says – “you can’t possibly do your B.Ed at fifty years old, what are you thinking!”

but MANTRA ME says


It actually works. It’s the antidote to the fear and self doubt that can try to sneak in and trip me up.

So I got my first yoga session done and I feel pretty good about that. Yah me!



Now that I feel all cheered on, I need to move on to my next challenge – a research paper. Ugh. Totally intimidated, but I’m committed and I’m going to go now and GET ‘R DONE!






6 thoughts on “Well, that wasn’t so bad…”

  1. Hi Di! I love hearing about your learning journey! I have been doing yoga for quite a few years. In the beginning it was to keep my friend company. It is now a permanent part of my life. The who,e mind body connection is so rewarding. Hope you find the type of yoga that best suits you!

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  2. I loved reading your post! I laughed out loud. I ind your dedication to practicing Yoga inspiring. Especially your part on doing it in the staff room! I have had difficulty with my own learning project as I’m learning Afrikaans, but this has given me the extra push to stay dedicated and reach these goals!

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  3. Like Amy, I also loved reading you post! I think it’s super cool of you to compare your Get R Done mantra to your no mantra. By the end of your learning post I bet you’ll LOVE yoga and continue on with it! 🙂

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  4. Your posts are HILARIOUS! They really have me wanting to find more and read as much as possible. I was wondering what we you are doing to learn yoga? Are you using videos, websites, movies, or taking classes? It would be awesome if you could share those on a couple of blogs so that anyone feeling inspired (which by your writing, will for sure happen) can join your journey in learning!
    I love the mantra’s and how you are going to work towards making all of those positive changes and “Get R Done” attitude! Maybe another goal to work towards is a photo or video evidence of your yoga pose learning, even if it is in the staff room!
    Keep working hard on your learning project…

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  5. Yay you! I love that you don’t give up. There’s a ridiculous amount of people in your corner cheering you on, and I’m the head cheerleader. Think Will Ferrell in the old SNL skits, but cooler. Ok, maybe not.

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