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Hey you! Technology! I’m not afraid of you!

(Post warning – for those of you who are joining my blog from my non-education world, I will be writing some of my posts in response to prompts given by my prof in EDTC300. I promise I’ll attempt to write about other topics as well!)

I’ve shared a bunch about who I am here but I didn’t really talk about me and my experience with educational technology. So here’s goes…

Technology in education doesn’t really scare me. In fact, I love how much we get to use it in our little K-12 school in rural Yukon. Our students are growing up using technology to enhance their learning, and at times, deliver their learning. And now I’m back in school and I’m so grateful that I get to do the first two years of my B.Ed primarily online, here in my home community, raising my kids, working at the school. Of course, doing anything new online implies a learning curve, however, with Google and YouTube, I feel like I can learn almost anything. Except how to make haggis.

Photo Credit: 70023venus2009 Flickr via Compfight cc

But that’s because I simply don’t want to!


I’m familiar with lots of different social apps (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and different programs that we use to help students learn (Moodle, MathIXL, Cool Math Games, Kahoot, GameOn, etc.) There is sooo much out there available to enhance learning! Personally I’ve had a blog before and I’m kinda excited about having a new one. I like to write and it forces me to exercise that muscle.

The biggest challenges this semester in regards to technology is in managing all the platforms we’re asked to use regularly  (Google+, Twitter, my classmates blogs, my blog, and so on) and to not get freaked out at the sheer volume of resources I’m discovering. The first challenge isn’t a technology problem, it’s a management problem. And I’m sure there’s an app for that! And the second challenge is an anxiety problem and I know there’s an app for that! So, overall, I’m feeling stretched but I’m up for the challenge!

What about you? What’s your relationship with technology like?




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