EDTC300, Learning Project


So I’m taking this really great online course and am becoming wise in the ways of technology in education. I get to learn Twitter and learn to use Google+, develop a blog/e-portfolio and LEARN A NEW SKILL! I need to spend 30 – 40 hours over the span of this course to learn something new, predominately from online sources. Super idea!
In my quest to pursue my education, I am very aware that as I mentioned, I wear many hats and juggle many balls in my life. One of the hats I forget to wear and balls I drop the most is the one labelled “Dianna – the person who needs to physically take care of her body” (awkward label, I know). Soooo…. I’m going to learn yoga!
Photo Credit: szlavid Flickr via Compfightcc


And as much as I’d like to look like the serene, fit, lithe individual above, I will look more like this…



I love this woman with all my heart and we’ve never met!

I, too, am a big beautiful woman who is (thank God!) well over being crazily self-conscious. I can laugh ridiculously hard at myself so learning yoga and sharing it with my new learning community, should be a scream!


5 thoughts on “Yoga!?!”

  1. You are a beautiful woman Dianne! I love your post! Made me laugh and imagine some of my own comedic fitness adventures (I.e. Zumba–good lord!) Have fun on your yoga journey and all the best with your courses! 🤗

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  2. I’m so excited for your journey, Dianna! Can’t wait to follow along in your joys and celebrations as you move through the wonderful world of yoga. I happen to have gone to my first yoga class last Monday – it was bendy and slow but I couldn’t seem to turn my brain off! I’m told that a learned skill;) It seems you have already found a comfortable blogging voice – you are funny, silly, and self depreciating and reading your words makes me feel like we’re in the same room enjoying each others company – you’re awesome! I’m excited to read your post about your weekly “yoga plan”. Yay for new and fresh energy in our lives!

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